Shopping Cart Addition - Terra Jackson Hole

TerraOne of my latest new clients did not need a whole new website designed, but she was not happy with her current shopping cart set up. That's where Stribling Consulting steps in and gets her up and running with a whole new ecommerce site.  Terra Jackson Hole sells contemporary clothing for women and children.  She incorporates many specialty designers and has been featured in Magazines such as Lucky and Harper's Bazaar.

A good shopping cart is a very important part of your website when you have product that you want to sell.  If your ecommerce system is not user friendly, most customers will not stick around long enough to make that purchase.

A good ecommerce/shopping cart system will let your customers easily view all of your products, get them into the cart, and quickly get through checkout with their purchase.  Other user friendly additions to any shopping cart system include an account management system for the customer, a wishlist, and a simple check out system with multiple payment options.

If you are in the need of a new ecommerce system for your website, give me a call for a quote today!


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